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It is time to turn your creativity in a right way! Now you can bring your writing talent in real time and earn the money as freelance writer $4,000 per month outside the office or edition. It’s not so bad income indeed. But what about your talent and uniqueness, how about the future perspectives of this new market job flow?

The soft knocking of typewriter, a noise of a tram, hearing through the window, a bitter scent of morning coffee. About a century ago writers found inspiration in these simple little things, while the process of their literary work continued.

Authors saw the future of novels in reading market, public libraries, or in private collections. With the advent of cinema in 1985, many writers felt an urge to see their work on the big screen. This claim reduced the size of novels, also the style of the works get more laconic.

Now the book market has changed. It’s becoming wider and more accessible. A modern writer may not look for publishers, instead of that he is able to create a website and promote own work.

Be a freelancer is popular and perspective nowadays. Modern worker will choose a personal comfort and opportunity for individual growth. Finding a job is possible only by visiting the forum, online job market or respond to appropriate advertisement in social networks. There are really many ways to change the permanent place of work.

Since World Wide Web adverted, writer specialty gradually transformed in freelancing as well. Current job market has free and promising niche for the remotal employment. Starting as a freelance author, writer can devote more time to gain an experience by participating in various projects and develop the different literary genres. It helps to look at profession wider and do not stop at one direction.

One of the most significant events in the publishing industry is transformation of the print editions in the media sources. The most actual modern magazines turn to online sources. The Write Life online edition gives examples of 7 topical web-editions in which freelance writers can publish their novels and articles:

To write articles for online platforms, IT-companies is the most urgent and possible way to make good money. A lot of writers and professionals who have received a good education in the humanities, decided to train their skills at this new field. Therefore appeared some web-sources on this topic, such as Aquent, and Toptal.

Media space is developing fast, and there are new horizons that opening for freelance writers. We identified 5 new general changes in writing market:

  • – Original book can be evaluated online. Number of views, likes and reposts affects the positive feedback on the novel.
  • – The reader can get a good sense quickly of the type of writing the writer does.
  • – The classic literary genres are transformed into headings.
  • – Clean, uncluttered design of web-sources, that makes work more comfortable.
  • – The literary product will go towards the media content. Photo and video content may also be present in the product. Writer has a possibility to post a modern and attractive portfolio for his works.

Job offers are becoming more professional and qualified. Even working remotely writer can help the development of the project with his works, articles and reviews, as well as the scope is only beginning to develop.

Freelance writer market is new and fast-going media sphere. In future we will see, what new it can bring to readers.


@Wrunter’sBlog, 2016


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