#10 In this case, it IS your business

Climate change cannot be resolved, however, your water footprint can – so it’s up to you to make that change that our climate needs!

It's In My Jeans

10-buildingEveryday, facilities used for commercial use such as business buildings, schools, shopping centres, schools, hospitals and restaurants use an abundance of water.  Within this water usage, a typical office uses around fifty litres of water, per full-time employee per day.

There are a variety of changes that can be introduced or made within your workplace such as:

  • Educating fellow employees about their water footprint and the following ways in which they can reduce theirs. A simple solution can entail a paper-free office, with a push to online services that counteract paper use such as emailing and google documents.
  • Affix water saving, taps, showers and toilets throughout the buildings.
  • When disposing technological devices such as laptops, phones and ipads etc. Make sure you are disposing them in an environmentally friendly manner. Take a look at Apple’s recycling initiativethat takes care of old devices.

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