6 tips for effective blogging

Have you ever been hitted with a great idea for a unique writing project and started to think how to realize it? You need to think about great amount of the project features: avoid devastating experience, planning companies and writing strategies.

To be independent writer is in the trend now. Art, lifestyle, writing, world of technologies – now you can express yourself in every sphere you’d like to choose. If you decide to try your chances in the literature field, these 5 useful cases will help you to get started.

Nearly 100% of a project’s success depends of the right direction. Let your preparation be smart and planning compose a correct schedule so it helps you to save yourself from missed deadlines, fear of been misunderstanding and lack of support.

  1. Overcome the fear of the blank page

To force yourself to write is difficult and sometimes you need to have special atmosphere, inspirational mood or something that brings you an inspiration. If still there are a fear that your work won’t be actual, doesn’t seems to be interesting or it reach the target audience, you need to make the first step and remove unnecessary fears.

Anne Lemot, author of the book “Bird by Bird”, wrote a whole essay about why writers should start with the awful drafts.

“There are many great writers, whose books are in great demand. And they do not feel constantly enthusiastic and not always ready with joy to write. In addition, their drafts are not really smooth speech”.

Instead of looking at the blank page, do a writing warm-up:

  • A blue glass frog falls and breaks.
  • “There’s never any sunlight here.”
  • The worst idea I ever had was.

The point is to get your writing muscles moving – you can delete the piece as soon as you’re done.

  1. Solid goals that bring value to the business

Right goal is a bail of the good project realization. A successful project has solid goals in place that brings value to the business. You obviously need to know exactly what you should be aiming for and what you need to do to achieve those results.

If you have a huge project with complicate beginning, start with whatever feels easiest. That might be a section of your e-book which doesn’t require much research, or a post for your blog which is straightforward to write.

With clear goals in place that are sure to take the business forward, it becomes a lot easier for you to create and present a strategic project plan that will ultimately win the support of your stakeholders.

  1. Use creative software

Great tool for bring your creative project to life is global community Kickstarter. Such famous and influential artists like De La Soul, Marina Abramovic have been working with this source.

Here are other 5 project management applications, which are available online:

By using creative project management software you have chance to transform your writing project in the most stylish and trendy way. Use effective tools for build your writer portfolio, search interesting communities and choose inspirational cover or design for the book.

  1. Concrete project milestones

At this point, you have a working project plan based on your core objectives and the value it can bring for the business. With a sure hand and a clear vision, you are able to set concrete project milestones and reasonable deadlines that make sense and fit well with your scope.

With milestones in place, it’s now easier to meet deadlines and to deliver the goods on time and on budget. These two are crucial to project management success, so it pays to keep these in mind every step of the way.

Beside of that you can use a timer. There are a bunch of timers around – for example Tick Tock Timer. When you need to focus on a piece of writing, set a timer for anywhere between 20 minutes and one hour, and while the timer is ticking, just write.

  1. Team satisfaction

Engage as many amazing audience as you can. Without it, project closure becomes a kind of distant dream and the entire experience leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

For your project to succeed, you need to make sure that every person on the team is in it for the long run. For this to work, both you and your team members must believe in the success of your project and experience quality results from the work that you do, not to mention having a little fun in between.

Try to work in the creative crew. Listen to others and be ready to participate.

Summarizing all, that has been mentioned above, we advising to all authors just start writing no matter how bad it get. First thoughts that come to you after looking to the paper could be something like ugly and dissonant, but maybe it’s good? At least, many authors begin their path to success with such experience. Make your ideas grow higher and don’t forget these simple tips that you found out in our research.

~©~ Yana Yagori, 2016


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